Dishes to enjoy

From typical cheese dishes to delicate plates of fine lake fish, the culture of taste is everywhere. Small restaurants, confidential addresses or gastronomic cuisine from starred chefs: wake up your taste buds.

To come to Savoie Mont Blanc is to approach a region bordering Switzerland and Italy, the result of a long and complex history, the last milestone of which was the definitive attachment to France in 1860. In spite of the influences linked to the various occupations of the territory over the centuries, the “alpine” and mountain character is still revealed today in daily life: respect and love for nature and the mountains, discretion in human relations, love of work well done.

Marked by this history, the regional gastronomy has inherited both mountain customs and the development of tourism over the last 150 years: here traditional mountain food is combined with the great gastronomic cuisine illustrated by the 7 Michelin-starred chefs.

The most famous local products are cheeses, with Reblochon and Tome des Bauges in the immediate vicinity of Annecy. For its part, the lake offers delicacies with fine fish such as Féra or Omble Chevalier. Another speciality should be mentioned: the chocolate factories are remarkable here, with in particular the manufacture of the famous “reed” finely filled with mountain liqueur!

And as almost everywhere in France, our two departments of Haute-Savoie and Savoie take care of their viticulture, in particular the production of well-known white wines, Apremont and Roussette.