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Lake Annecy’s bright new stars
Mar. 2024
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The annual Michelin Guide conference recently took place in Tours, France, with 700 chefs in attendance; men and women from all over France and Europe who exemplify French culinary excellence.

This highly scrutinized yearly “toque show” has the ability to change the future of a restaurant and its chef in the blink of an eye.

Two bright new stars now light up Lake Annecy, both awarded to Annecy newcomer Benoît Vidal. This adds to the already spectacular constellation around Europe’s most celestial lake, which now boasts a total of fourteen stars shared between eight restaurants.

Ladies first, starting with the charismatic Sandrine Deley Favario from the Auberge de Montmin restaurant in Talloires-Montmin, which earned the Michelin Service Award.

“The art of hosting and taking care of people is in my blood,” she stated when receiving the prestigious award, which adds to the two stars that the restaurant, located at Col de la Forclaz Pass, has already earned.

Sandrine Deley Favario

© L'Auberge de Montmin / Sandrine Deley Favario

“After moving mountains, we reached for the stars,” Benoît Vidal

Drum roll, please: overwhelming joy and emotion resounded throughout the room when Benoît Vidal – chef at the Maison Benoît Vidal restaurant in Annecy –heard the names of the establishments entering the elite circle of two-star restaurants.

A short four months have gone by since the new restaurant opened in Annecy, and the longtime, experienced chef earned two stars (once again). Two stars that he said goodbye to when, last spring, he was forced to leave his labor of love in Val d’Isère after twelve years of hard work and dedication. An unplanned change in direction; but as they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

“I don’t feel any pressure when it comes to stars. This form of recognition, more than an end in itself, serves a mile marker along the course I have plotted. This changes both nothing and everything all at the same time,” he explains.

Benoît Vidal

© Snowline / Benoît Vidal

“Getting back on my feet so quickly, finding a new home base and opening an new restaurant in just a few months… having so many stars shine above our heads in such a short period of time is just so incredible! Here, we are truly happy. There is a magical atmosphere around Lake Annecy where it is simply natural to follow the rhythm of the seasons. Our guests return again and again. They learn all about our style of cooking. The bistro is full every day. Word of mouth works well and several regulars from Val d’Isère go out of their way to visit us. A strong connection has formed between my staff and our guests, who have stood by my side and supported me on this new adventure. I would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart, since no one can really accomplish anything alone and we all put our hearts and souls into this project. They witnessed my tears when I prepared my last few dishes in Val d’Isère, and today my tears are tears of joy,” he says smilingly.

A culinary masterpiece

© Snowline / A culinary masterpiece

Working in Val d’Isère meant constantly fighting the elements, harsh weather, and the stark environment. In Annecy, Benoît Vidal feels right at home. “Here, I feel like everything just flows. I live my life to the fullest; I enjoy creating, sharing, and lighting a spark in the eyes of those who come to dine at my restaurant.”

After a short spring vacation, enjoy the all new patio for outdoor dining when the Maison Benoît Vidal restaurant reopens on April 19, Benoit’s birthday; just another marker on the course he has plotted.

Maison Benoît Vidal

© Sabine Bijasson / Maison Benoît Vidal

Maison Benoît Vidal restaurant

Sur Les Bois (Annecy-le-Vieux) – 79 route de Thônes – ANNECY

Tel. +33 (0)4 50 88 73 18


Maison Benoît Vidal restaurant

Fourteen Michelin stars around Lake Annecy

While Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin (a lawyer, foodie, and culinary writer) declared in his time, “Discovering new foods does much more for people’s happiness than discovering a new star,” combining both makes for a truly wondrous experience.


Michelin-starred restaurants around Lake Annecy

  • 3 stars

Le Clos des Sens in Annecy / Chef Franck Derouet


  • 2 stars

Maison Benoît Vidal in Annecy / Chef Benoît Vidal

Auberge du Père Bise – Jean Sulpice in Talloires-Montmin / Chef Jean Sulpice

Auberge de Montmin in Talloires-Montmin / Chef Florian Favario

La Maison Bleue Yoann Conte in Veyrier-du-Lac / Chef Yoann Conte


  • 1 star

Vincent Favre Félix in Annecy / Chef Vincent Favre Félix

L’Esquisse in Annecy / Chef Stéphane Dattrino

La Rotonde des Trésoms in Annecy / Chef Eric Prowalski


The 8 Michelin-starred chefs around Lake Annecy

© Studio Fou d'images / The 8 Michelin-starred chefs around Lake Annecy


  • © Sabine Bijasson / Benoît Vidal

Journalist: Aude Pollet-Thiollier

Translation: Darin Reisman