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Mé-Mé shakes it up with refreshingly wholesome drinks

Feb. 2024
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Mé-Mé offers a full range of iced teas and gummies packed full of healthy benefits to keep you going with gusto throughout the entire day!

This Made in Annecy initiative (one of now too many to count!) offers delightfully delicious, sugar-free, all-natural healthy products to take with you everywhere. Quench your thirst with a refreshing boost of energy with drinks from Mé-Mé!

Caroline Liault, créatrice des boissons Mé-Mé

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Committed to the core

At the outset, Carloine Liault had an idea: to create a line of all-natural, sugar-free energy drinks. Having spent her youth skateboarding and snowboarding, Caroline has outdoor sports in her blood. On a trip around the world, she learned about a wide variety of healthy, fortifying ingredients. Once back in Annecy, inspired by all the possibilities that nature has to offer, she launched her own brand of sugar-free iced teas.

Longtime branded with a reputation of too much of this and too little of that, the iced tea market still has a lot of room for improvement. And what about energy drinks? To mix the two and remain credible when it comes to good health, Caroline needed to walk a fine line and focus on where and with whom she sourced her ingredients. She is absolutely convinced (and convincing) that, “we have an obligation to produce and consume responsibly and fairly, using our conscience as our guide.”

Les boissons Mé-Mé pour toutes les occasions

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A well-infused mix

“Me” (pronounced “may” in French) is the Japanese word for bud. And Mé-Mé takes advantage of all of their virtues. When in bloom, tree sap flows. A great source of energy, tree sap is filled with vitamins and nutrients pulled from the soil and transferred from the roots to each and every bud.

Responsibly extracted to keep the tree healthy and strong, as well as boost its immune system, the sap collected comes from farm cooperatives who have earned fair-trade certification. This precious fluid, chock-full of vitamins and minerals, makes up 97% of Mé-Mé teas.

Green Matcha tea, well-known for its anti-oxidant properties, is infused with sap from birch or maple trees to better diffuse a wide range of invigorating and uplifting super powers for both the mind and body.

A local natural alternative to sugar, grape must from vineyards in Ardèche provides a low-sugar, low-calorie, sweet, fruity touch to every drink. Pressed, skin and seeds included, the grape is then slowly cooked to enhance every flavor and healthy benefit. What a great combination!

Les boissons Mé-Mé pour toutes les occasions

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Time for tea

Mé-Mé’s line of iced teas works for all tastes and are to be enjoyed any time of day. Opt for birch sap to hydrate, also ideal for its detox effect, or for maple sap with lemon for an energizer at the beginning of the day to get moving in the right direction, or refreshing mint tea to quench your thirst.

The newest addition, a revitalizing version of birch sap and white peach for a fruity, soothing taste, has become the favorite of the range in very little time. Developed after receiving numerous requests from restaurants in Annecy, who serve a lot of peach iced tea, this new flavor is now the brand’s best seller. It perfectly illustrates the dynamic in the area between businesses with a common interest. What a great story.

Boissons Mé-Mé

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Fantastically chewy, yet sugar-free

Sweets to take with you everywhere, gummies by Mé-Mé are organic candies that simple melt in your mouth.

Made with the same ingredients, green Matcha tea and grape must, with mint, lemon, or even ginger for added flavor, these gummies offer a great alternative to traditional candy (that we know are not very ethical or healthy) and give you a quick boost through their wholesome sweet taste.

Les gummies de Mé-Mé

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Organic and good

Ecocert certified, Mé-Mé is organic, Made in France, and uses 100% recyclable packaging (no plastic) with caps made from sugarcane. The gummy tins are reusable, limiting their impact on the environment.

To add one final touch, Mé-Mé worked with the talented young street culture artist Léona Rose to design the graphics for her boxes and tins. A fun, colorful world with two totem animals for each product: a buck (male deer) for drinks, an icon among local wildlife as well as the symbol for regeneration, and a monkey for the gummies, the Japanese symbol for wisdom.

For all these reasons, Mé-Mé has naturally become one of Lake Annecy’s privileged partners, and perfectly incarnates the values and mindset of the destination: fair-trade and sparkling, respect for the environment and invigorating!

Les boissons Mé-Mé pour toutes les occasions

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Energizing recipes

Mé-Mé never seems to run out of ideas; she recently worked with naturopathy expert Julie Pradines to publish a book with more than 50 “mocktail” (alcohol-free cocktails) and appetizer recipes as a way to enjoy the refined flavor of her teas and provide a healthy option for before-dinner drinks and eats.

For inspiration in every season, she uses mango, lemon, and ginger in the spring, watermelon, mint, and verbena in the summer, Matcha and yuzu when fall arrives, and clementine, honey, and thyme for winter. This should be more than enough color and flavor to make your mouth water throughout the year.

Mocktail Mé-Mé

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An exclusive

And since we always have the latest information, we are proud to announce that Mé-Mé truly embodies excellence Made in Annecy.

The product line’s current rising star, peach Mé-Mé tea, just won a gold medal in the beverages category at the SIRHA EUROPAIN trade show, a trade even for the French bakery-pastry industry. What a great accomplishment!


Boissons Mé-Mé

La vitalisante de Mé-Mé, star du moment

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Journalist: Gaëlle Tagliabue

Translation: Darin Reisman