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Sep 2022
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When it comes to culture, Lake Annecy and the surrounding area teem with many fascinating sights to see, including places such as Annecy’s castle-museum, Palais de l’Ile, and the Animated Film Museum, which host temporary and permanent exhibits all year round that cover a wide variety of themes, from archeology to painting, by way of architecture to animation.

The libraries in Annecy also open the door to new and exciting worlds by inviting artists and sculptors to display their works. Turbine sciences uses experimentation to explore questions about science, society, and the environment.

For those who just can’t get enough culture, more discreet venues hidden in the nooks and crannies throughout the area offer something new and different for aficionados and the perpetually curious. Here are a few places off the beaten path that just might surprise you…

Urban soul

A local icon in the making, the gallery Art by Friends, with its many sources of inspiration, exhibits several styles of urban art. Founded by a collective and connected to an international network of more than 200 artists, you can attend events, workshops, concerts, and themed evening gatherings where different styles of art shine. Digital arts, sculptures, music, audiovisual creations, artistic performances, and creative writing mix and mingle here with ease.

Step outdoors for a true lesson in street art. Art By Friends continues to develop its urban tour, “La Virée” (Joyride), which adds new works every year to the urban landscape. Embark on a captivating escapade throughout the city streets and alleyways.


Art by Friends

Art by Friends

© Art by Friends

Graphic arts

Artekné is both an impressionist workshop and an eclectic arty gallery that displays the off-beat works of painters and artists inspired by the truly unique.

Now and through October 1, enjoy viewing the works of artist Christophe Brun, whose sculptures and paintings play with lines, colors, and materials.



All for modern art

The modern art gallery at L’Abbaye located in the Clarines neighborhood in Annecy-le-Vieux and run by the Claudine and Jean-Marc Salomon Foundation, hosts expos two times per year that showcase the works of world-renowned artists. The Images Passages team organizes guided tours to provide their commentary and perspective about the art on display.

From October 7 to December 17, 2022, view Eva Jospin’s large-format paintings and works on deserted forests, gardens, and caves.


Modern art gallery at L’Abbaye

Not far from there is Cour de l’Abbaye, which was transformed into a center for the arts in 2017. Run by the Christian Real Art Foundation, this medieval building, which has served many purposes over

the centuries, displays a wide variety of sculptures. Donor Christian Real also provides space for contemporary artists to express their creativity (three workshops on two levels). This magnificent place has successfully mixed historic architecture with contemporary art – visit the recently restored 18th century oratory by appointment or during opening hours.

Through September 24, view the two-dozen works – sculptures, paintings, videos – that make up a wild mix by artist David Marin. Starting in mid-October and through the end of the year, Cour de l’Abbaye will host painter and sculptor Ligismond.


Fondation d’art Christian Réal

© Cour de l'Abbaye

© Cour de l'Abbaye

In Loverchy, in the family workshop where Georges Salomon developed the innovations that made his family’s name famous throughout the world of alpine skiing, is La FabriC. This space dedicated to modern art lives to the beat of the expositions it presents. Created by the team at the Claudine and Jean-Marc Salomon Foundation, the expositions showcase all types of artists.

La FabriC also organizes conferences and talks led by Philippe Piguet to highlight the works of specific artists, as well as classes on contemporary art taught by Frédéric Elkaïm to provide a more in-depth understanding of today’s art.

La FabriC propose également des rencontres et discussions animées par Philippe Piguet pour mettre en lumière le travail d’un artiste en particulier ainsi que des cours d’art contemporain menés par Frédéric Elkaïm pour mieux comprendre l’art d’aujourd’hui.

Elodie Lesourd exposition through September 17, 2022. From November 24, 2022, through March 18, 2023, explore the works of Stéphanie Lucie Mathern, a young painter currently in residence at La FabriC and who is preparing a wedding-themed exposition.


Fondation Salomon


© FabriC

In Poisy, visit the art gallery Espace 55 whenever you want. They renew their modern art expositions every two months. Through their works, painters, graffiti artists, sculptors, photographers, and visual artists create a space where different styles and types of art mix.

As a bonus, among the permanent collection of paintings, photos, and art and design objects at the Art’s 55 concept store, purchase a piece that catches your eye.

From now through November 5, 2022, enjoy the expo “Dialogue between art and matter,” and explore different ways the 5 artists on display express themselves.


Espace 55

Espace 55

© Espace 55


  • © Espace 55

Journalist: Gaëlle Tagliabue

Translation: Darin Reisman