Vue sur Duingt

© Gilles Piel

In a setting painted by Cézanne, Duingt offers the pleasures of water, hiking in the mountains, climbing and cycling.

On the peninsula, the 13th century Châteauvieux (closed to the public), which belonged to the family of Saint-François de Sales, is one of the most beautiful postcards of the lake. Overlooking the old medieval village, the cave of Notre-Dame du Lac and its calvary offer an ideal place for contemplation and meditation.

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  • Ruelle dans le village de Duingt

    © Françoise Cavazzana / Ruelle dans le village de Duingt

  • Vue aérienne du Château de Duingt

    © Airmax Parapente

  • La mairie de Duingt

    © Françoise Cavazzana