The Semnoz

Le Plateau du Semnoz

© Gilles Piel / Le Plateau du Semnoz

The Semnoz mountain is part of the Massif des Bauges Regional Nature Park and dominates the western shore of Lake Annecy.
It is 15 km long and reaches an altitude of 1699 m. Its two main peaks are the Crêt de l’Aigle and the Crêt de Châtillon.

A family resort per excellence, it is located only 20 km from Annecy, the Venice of the Alps. A real balcony on the Alps, you can admire a 360° panorama of the surrounding mountains and even see Mont Blanc on a clear day! In the distance, Lake Annecy and Lake Bourget meander by…

Lever de soleil derrière les Alpes

© Gilles Piel / Lever de soleil derrière les Alpes

Fair weather activities

A very dynamic resort during the winter season, it is not left out in the summer. Multi-faceted, multi-activities… discover the Semnoz. Here are some of our ideas:

  • Your children are looking for sensations: try summer sledging ((no advance booking required), hurtle down the slopes in a Deval’kart, try the electric Minikart for the little ones, the Runix or the Blackmountain for the older ones. The choice is wide at the Semnoz resort!
  • If you prefer to taste local products: come and discover the mountain farms that make cheese and take the opportunity to taste a piece of our local produce.
  • If you’re feeling restless, there are some nice hiking trails – Crêt de l’aigle, Crêt de Châtillon, easy loops in a high altitude atmosphere for the whole family. In summer, you can admire the herds and hear the bells ringing!
  • If you want to discover the secrets of our mountain plants, come and visit the Jardin Alpin du Semnoz. This part of the mountain pasture is dedicated, during the summer, to the presentation of the plants of the Massif des Bauges.
  • If you feel peckish after this breath of fresh air, there are 3 restaurants where you can discover the local specialities. And for those who prefer the open air, you can also have a picnic on the mountain pastures.
  • A short break with the children: halfway along the Semnoz road coming from Annecy is the small animal park of La Grande Jeanne which will delight young and old alike. Fallow deer, hinds, stags, mouflons, this educational circuit will make you discover these non-domestic animals of our mountains and their particularities. It is also the starting point for a nice hike “Le circuit des Puisots”.
  • At the end of the day, the Semnoz invites you to a contemplative walk. You will feel the fullness of this by taking a walk at sunset, when the pink mixes with the orange. It’s a sight to behold! The spectacle is also extraordinary at sunrise…
  • If you want to sleep on site: the hotel-restaurant Les Rochers Blancs welcomes you in season, with its cosy rooms reminiscent of the Savoie of yesteryear and its breathtaking view of the Alps. For a total immersion in nature, try the “panoramic roof” alti-domes of the Eco-Bivouac.
  • And for those who do not have a car: no worries, the Semnoz is accessible by bus.
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  • Balade en famille

    © Gilles Piel / Balade en famille

  • Table d'orientation et panorama

    © Gilles Piel / Table d'orientation et panorama

  • Troupeau et alpage

    © Gilles Piel / Troupeau et alpage

Panorama sur les Alpes enneigées

© Gilles Piel / Panorama sur les Alpes enneigées

Winter activities

When the Semnoz mountain is dressed in white, snow activities are on the agenda. A family ski resort and a varied playground… set off to discover a beautiful area. Here are some of our ideas:

  • The ski area is suitable for all levels, from beginners to advanced. 18 slopes, snow park (freestyle zone), equipment hire, picnic rooms, ski school… The Semnoz ski resort awaits you in a varied ski area where you can slalom between the fir trees in a magnificent natural and preserved setting.
  • The cross-country skiing area is accessible in both alternating and skating. The relief of the Semnoz, alternating between fir trees and large areas, is perfectly suited to Nordic activities. 30 km of tracks allow you to discover 3 different sectors and as many different atmospheres. 10 slopes, for beginners and advanced skiers, allow pleasure and physical effort. Equipment hire, waxing area, ski school…
  • Marked trails for snowshoes and pedestrians, with free access, allow you to discover the mountain in a different way. Equipment hire, professional supervision… set off on an adventure!
  • 80 m sledge run with conveyor belt (sledge hire possible).
  • Want to sleep on site: for a total immersion in nature, try the “panoramic roof” alti-domes or the 100% snow igloos of the Eco-Bivouac.
  • And for those who don’t have a car: no worries, the resort is accessible by bus.
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  • Ski alpin en famille

    © Monica Dalmasso / Ski alpin en famille

  • Ski de fond en mode skating

    © Gilles Piel / Ski de fond en mode skating

  • Balade hivernale entre amies

    © Gilles Piel / Balade hivernale entre amies