Yoga au bord du lac d'Annecy


Yoga along Lake Annecy

Jul. 2024
3 min.

With yoga growing exponentially in popularity, its many different forms continue to flourish: great news considering the amazing benefits for both the mind and body.

Charlène is an instructor who leads students down a path inspired by yoga’s deep, powerful origins. If you are lucky, enjoy a session along the shores of Lake Annecy while the universe inspires you. Breathe in, breathe out, absorb.

A path to follow

Beyond present day’s genuine enthusiasm, the history of yoga began long ago, with its origins dating back at least five thousand years. Inspired by the god Shiva, yoga is a spiritual guide whose principles appear in a single text referred to as the Yoga sutra. Once written down, the principles of yoga were translated into poses. A logical order if you consider that we are first energy before becoming matter.

The path followed matters little, as long as you find your way and voice. To help guide us, we chose Charlène, who trained in India and currently teaches yoga classes in Annecy, often along the lake when chakras align and the weather cooperates. With luck on our side, the elements worked in our favor.

Yoga au bord du lac d'Annecy

© With Charlène

An experience

A yoga session outdoors is a blessing in itself. Views of the lake provide an added bonus for a truly privileged experience. Spread out in the calm, tree-protected gardens of the Imperial Palace, the setting prepares us for the session. We immediately begin to unwind. Charlène takes it to another level of relaxation simply with her soothing presence. After a short meditation phase, allowing us to let go of the day’s trials and tribulations, the sequences of yoga flows begin.

At a sustained pace, the body frees itself little by little of all tension, as the mind does the same. Fully focused on each movement, each flow releases every knot while the amazing setting alongside the lake accentuates yoga’s soothing effects. The wind’s caress, gazing into the distance, the smell of freshly-cut grass, everything comes together for a truly unique moment for one’s well being.

In mountain pose, or downward dog, we feel in complete harmony with our surroundings. With the world upside down, our thoughts fall neatly back into their rightful place. Whether twisting, balancing, or fully grounded, every pose pushes the stretch a little further, helping us to become more fluid. This fluidity involves both the body and mind – and just this once we can finally let go…

Yoga au bord du lac d'Annecy

© With Charlène

A vision

For Charlène, rest assured, yoga is first and foremost the art of living with yourself and with others, the art of listening and understanding, the art of searching for a way to merge the body and mind to find inner peace. Improve your yoga through breathing, mindfulness, and meditative movements as your inner being reveals itself. Enjoying a relaxing moment along the lake, yoga enhances the experience, and contrary to popular belief, remains accessible to all.

Whether a group or private class, absolutely intense or completely relaxing, to each their own approach and needs. With an online yoga studio and more than 150 classes available through her website, Charlène offers a great alternative to those who simply lack the time or prefer their own private space to do yoga. And we wholeheartedly approve…

Yoga au bord du lac d'Annecy

© With Charlène

With Charlène

With Charlène


  • © With Charlène

Journalist: Gaëlle Tagliabue

Translation: Darin Reisman