Les Trésoms surplombent le lac d’Annecy


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Les Trésoms
Sep. 2023
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A magical place filled with soul

At its spectacular location overlooking the crystal clear waters of Lake Annecy, the Les Trésoms Lake and Spa Resort figures among those exceptionally iconic places that showcases the art of living so unique to Annecy.

It is here in 1998 that Véronique & Pascal Droux decided to wager on a long shot by taking over an establishment that had fallen into obscurity, transforming it through sheer will and determination into a place full of soul and effervescence.

Véronique & Pascal Droux in front of the Les Trésoms and the work of art by Nathan Willerval

© Les Trésoms / Véronique & Pascal Droux in front of the Les Trésoms and the work of art by Nathan Willerval

The art of living

Breathtaking from the very first glance, the view from the top of Les Trésoms offers an infinite a source of wonder and inspiration. The locale’s distinct identity proves just as wondrous. Everywhere, in every hidden corner, the Art Deco inspired décor creates a very unique atmosphere at Les Trésoms. The architectural aspects of the original building, built in 1860, reclaimed their rightful place during the restoration process.

Véronique Droux, a former art history professor, breathed life into the artistic side of the project, explains that, “During the renovation, we found some of the original glass paste and glass tile so typical of the Art Nouveau style from the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries. It was important to us to preserve the soul of the building and location while providing it with a more contemporary look.”

Les Trésoms overlooking Lake Annecy

© Denis Pourcher / Les Trésoms overlooking Lake Annecy

Just like the monumental six-meter high chandelier that adorns the staircase and the typical Annecy luxury hotel architecture of the rotunda, the Murano glass tasseled chandeliers, flowery carpets, and ornamental tapestries enhance the distinct decorative choices that now personify the Les Trésoms Hotel. Every aspect says a lot about the strong personality of those who breathe life into such a unique establishment.

The art of conviction

Endearing, committed, and resolute, Véronique & Pascal Droux never compromise their convictions. And the couple did not wait around for others to become trailblazers with regard to the environment and sustainability. In 2004, they figured among the very first establishments to install a solar water heating system. Today, their committed approach to sustainability and CSR translates to a broad and comprehensive social and environmental charter.

“Saving energy, water conservation, responsible purchasing, buying local and seasonal produce, preserving biodiversity, nothing is left to chance in our CSR policy at Les Trésoms. Training staff, building awareness among our clientele, saying no to certain requests from our guests, all are at the core of our motivation and willingness to anticipate change,” Véronique explains.

Les Trésoms, perfectly integrated into its environment

© F. Vauban / Les Trésoms, perfectly integrated into its environment

Add to that a youth training program, actively hiring people with a handicap, and sponsoring and supporting good causes. Going above and beyond Clef Verte (Green Hotel) certification earned in 2011, they continue to push the edge of the envelope when it comes to their environmentally-conscious way of operating. Véronique & Pascal cultivate the art of living like a delicate flower, remaining consistent with the exceptional destination that is Lake Annecy, yet on solid ground fertile with humane values and ethics.

The art of hospitality

Véronique’s take on the art of hospitality elegantly combines expertise and etiquette with the utmost respect for the locale, its history, and the men and women who humbly nourish the entire ecosystem at Les Trésoms.

“Through our core values, the Les Trésoms Hotel has a strong identity, succeeding in creating a successful mix of contrasts like tradition and modernity, or the city and countryside. Here nothing is in opposition, the yin and the yang feed off each other. Just like the two restaurants that represent this amazing place.” At La Rotonde, a Michelin-starred restaurant, Chef Eric Prowalski’s cuisine offers an astute mix of his coastal origins in Arcachon with the unique flavors of Lake Annecy and the surrounding mountains. He creates the perfect balance between land, lake, and ocean, between the robust nature of fish, the grandeur of cheese, seaweed’s salty character, and delicious earthy flavors, all in a united savory delight.

La Rotonde at Les Trésoms, a one-star restaurant

© Studio K / La Rotonde at Les Trésoms, a one-star restaurant

The restaurant, L’Atelier, led by Chef Mounir Ben Said, offers an alternative take on bistro-style dining; the locally-inspired cuisine follows the rhythm of the seasons using only ingredients grown or raised in the area.

The art of realization

Representative of the many family-run hotels so typical in Annecy, Les Trésoms figures among those leading establishments driving innovation in the hospitality sector.

Véronique & Pascal Droux just celebrated 25 years of leading an amazing team that today includes 70 staff members. Artist Nathan Willerval, a graduate from ESAA, created a work of art specifically for the occasion. This piece symbolizes just how attached the Les Trésoms Hotel is to art, artisan and craftsmanship, the area, and showcasing local talents through a vision of what is beautiful, fair, and so incredibly generous.


Les Trésoms Lake and Spa Resort

15 boulevard de la Corniche – ANNECY

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  • © Denis Pourcher

Journalist: Gaëlle Tagliabue

Translation: Darin Reisman