Création chocolatée de Patrick Agnellet : Ma déclaration chocolatée


Say it with chocolate…

Patrick Agnellet, chocolate-covered emotion
Feb 2023
3 min.

During the season of love, as Valentine’s Day reminds us, declare your unwavering adulation by offering your favorite person the most amazing, delectable expression of your feelings. Let your heartfelt passion overflow with molten chocolate covered in an irresistibly crunchy shell, a touch of aphrodisiacal spice, and a vibrant color (preferably red), and you have the perfect elixir to cast a charm spell that no one can resist.

For just the right flavor and perfectly refined treat, always choose a sure thing. Patrick Agnellet, a legendary chocolatier based in Annecy-le-Vieux for the past seventeen years, is a true artist whose vivid imagination continues to push beyond the edge of the possible. With the utmost respect for the raw ingredient he works with, its origin, and its characteristics, Patrick carefully selects cocoa beans grown on small farms that are well known for their genuine expertise, high standards, and respect for their workers.

Patrick works his chocolate with a level of passion and perfectionism that originally earned him a name in the La Roche-sur-Yon workshop of his friend Patrick Gelencser, there he refined the unique flavor of his sweets, offering an exceptional array of chocolates made with high-quality ingredients.

All the essentials are in place. With simplicity, precision, and the entire spectrum of flavor that chocolate offers, Patrick has a story to tell, and uses his imagination to deploy a full palette of what is possible. Every holiday, every major event of the year offers the opportunity for the chocolatier to create an infinite number of new shapes, to imagine new combinations of flavors on his quest for perfect note.

Création chocolatée de Patrick Agnellet : Gingembrettes

© Le Studio'z Aviernoz – Patrick Agnellet / Gingembrettes

Chocolaty passion

Filled with emotion, Patrick Agnellet’s chocolate creations always feel like being shot by Cupid’s arrow straight through the heart; intense, yet sweet and tender. Take a knee and offer your loved one a “Mon petit écrin d’amour” (My little nugget of love), in the shape of a cookie jar, made with dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and Madagascar bourbon vanilla flavored marshmallow, or enjoy “Gingembrettes” (Ginger fingers), delicate fingers of candied ginger covered in dark chocolate, for an extremely pleasant euphoric note. For a softer, sweeter approach, a “Coffret passionnement” gift box, a chocolate version of a well-sealed love letter, includes certified Piedmont hazelnut pralines, the chewy texture of shortbread, and the crispness of almond nougat.

Création chocolatée de Patrick Agnellet : Mon petit écrin d’amour

© Le Studio'z Aviernoz – Patrick Agnellet / Mon petit écrin d’amour

Delicious declarations for two

To share a sweet occasion as a couple, set your sights (or rather your taste buds) on desserts specifically concocted for Valentine’s Day. Choose between (or both) “Ma déclaration chocolate” (My Chocolate-Covered Declaration), with its creamy center and candied citrus fruit, soft almond Sacher biscuits, and a fine crunchy layer of chocolate, and “Ma declaration fruitée” (My Fruity Declaration), for a subtle mix of childhood flavors and sour notes made with an airy confetto, sweet grapefruit, and raspberry compote emulsion on a soft Genoa cake with confetto shavings.

For those who have eyes only for chocolate, the “Coeur Souffle d’Amour” (Heart Filled with Love) focuses on the comforting aspects of chocolate, with sweet almond praline and a crunchy wafer to enjoy in the here and now!

Création chocolatée de Patrick Agnellet : Cœur souffle d’amour

© Le Studio'z Aviernoz – Patrick Agnellet / Cœur souffle d’amour

Intimate secrets "Just Between Us"

Since any declaration springs eternal, consider taking a cooking class for two.

In the Entre Nous” (Just Between Us) workshop led by Patrick Agnellet and his son, Louis, head backstage to learn the secrets to the creations made by these two master chocolatiers and pastry chefs. You will study the fundamental recipes of their sweet, chocolaty empire. A truly unique experience, enjoy this slice of heavenly tastes and sweet morsels where the magic words are learning and sharing.

Remember to make a reservation, the workshops fill up quickly. Proof positive that this is a memorable occasion if there ever was one!


Patrick Agnellet


Coffret passionnément

© Le Studio’z Aviernoz – Patrick Agnellet / Chocolate creation



  • © Le Studio’z Aviernoz – Patrick Agnellet / My chocolate declaration

Journalist: Gaëlle Tagliabue

Translation: Darin Reisman