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Lac d'Annecy Camping
May 2023
3 min.

Committed – Local Portraits of Inspiring People

We plan to present a series of portraits of inspiring people in the area who have committed to ensuring that tourism and the green transition go hand-in-hand.

Our first portrait is of Sarah Klilib, who owns and runs Lac d’Annecy Camping in Saint-Jorioz. Among the twenty-six campgrounds in the Lake Annecy Basin, hers is the only one to have earned EUROPEAN ECOLABEL certification. This dedication and commitment serves as an example to follow as one of only three lodging establishments in Haute-Savoie to have earned this prestigious label.

Just a few days before opening for the summer season, Sarah sat down with us to talk about the eco-friendly approach she has implemented on the path to a more ethical and sustainable tourism; an obvious way of doing business for this environmental, health, and safety engineer by training. In 2011 she and her husband left Paris, where they were both working as engineers, to take over the family business running a campground along the shores of Lake Annecy.

This major lifestyle change came from a desire to live closer to the great outdoors, to leave the high-paced hustle and bustle of France’s capital city, and to start a family. In hindsight, Sarah has absolutely no regrets. On the contrary, her new life is much more in line with her values, and proves that sustainable camping protects the long-term viability of a business at a destination that welcomes almost three million visitors per year, all captivated by the amazingly beautiful mountain landscapes and the wide range of outdoor activities to enjoy.


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A breath of fresh air for the family business that Sarah and her husband took over; they started by reducing the number of campsites and increasing the amount of plants and vegetation throughout the 2.5 hectare property. Every year, new species are planted and work is done to limit the campground’s impact on the environment.

The goal is to provide better service to a smaller group of guests, to limit the number of campervans – which deviate from the couple’s eco-friendly approach, and to hire staff members who share their philosophy: treating people and the environment with respect.


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“The EUROPEAN ECOLABEL we earned last year represents a long-term commitment and includes an audit every two years conducted by Afnor Certification, a third-party organization.

In practical terms, here are a few policies we have implemented for our guests: we ask them to separate their garbage for recycling and have set up compost pit, we encourage them to use water sparingly and provide them with a card with “shower” credits based on the length of their stay, we also encourage them to use sustainable modes of transport with the option of renting bikes here at the campground and using public transportation nearby. We created a car-free vacation package that will be available starting this summer. We have also stopped using single use packaging; guests now must provide their own containers for takeaway meals. We work with as many local suppliers as possible and no longer stock brands such as Coca-Cola and Fanta. We also organize educational excursions about nature and the environment, such as hikes to learn about local plants and animals. By the way, we are an LPO sanctuary (Bird Protection League).”


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All these initiatives serve to address the expectations of visitors who are increasingly aware of and worried about the impact their travels have on the environment. However, this change in behavior and routine can throw people off balance.

“You need to be prepared to lose customers when you commit to a sustainable approach”, Sarah explains. For her, education and building awareness are important steps on the road to completely sustainable, eco-friendly tourism.

When she has the time, she talks about her experience at conferences on sustainable tourism, hoping to inspire people to take the first step.


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Lac d’Annecy Camping

Open from May through the end of September, the Lac d’Annecy Camping campground is ideally located in the Bauges Mountains Natural Regional Park with views of Tournette Peak, less than one kilometer from the shores of Lake Annecy, and right next to the bike path.

The four-star, family-friendly, beautifully landscaped 2.5-hectare campground has 131 campsites with a wide range of lodging options, from mobile homes to eco-lodges by way of spots to set up a tent.

The campground has an aquatic center, heated by a heat pump, with a pool, waterslide, wading pool, and a restaurant that opens for dinner.


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Lac d’Annecy Camping

1184 route d’Albertville – SAINT-JORIOZ

Tél. + 33 (0)4 50 68 67 93


Lac d’Annecy Camping


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Journalist: Aude Pollet-Thiollier

Translation: Darin Reisman