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Who created the High Five Festival?

Sep 2021
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Bottle-fed on skis, he grew up on the slopes with dreams of one day becoming a champion.

Instead, it is as an event-director that he has shined in the world of skiing. At just 10 years old, he organized his very first event, a birthday-party Olympics for his little sister. A true revelation!

At 15, he was told that he could not make a career out of organizing events. Yet, since then, has become a master at the art of producing new and exciting experiences. Gaylord Pedretti created the High Five Festival, and was the bold individual who dared to build an entire mountain, the biggest urban Big Air in Europe, on the Paquier in Annecy.

“My freedom is the fertile soil
on which my creativity grows.”


© Tibault Copleux


Gaylord Pedretti always puts his mind to dreaming of something new, and is a big fan of the “never seen before.” Like a scout on point, he blazes new trails with the wildest types of events. He establishes new boundaries. In Annecy, the mind of this genuine inventor generates thousands of ideas, and he motivates his close-knit team to put the most promising projects in motion.

In 2007, Gaylord moved to Annecy, because he felt so at home in the city by the lake, and created his own events management agency, “Like That.” People of all ages, from kids to grandparents, come to his events. He has won the hearts of a fast-growing community, lit up audiences, and brought together corporate and public partners under the same roof.


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The High Five Festival celebrates its 10th anniversary

For 10 years, the High Five Festival has been Annecy’s foremost back-to-school event, bringing together 25,000 snow-sports enthusiasts every fall. Canceled last year due to the pandemic, the festival’s highly anticipated 2021 edition has big plans to celebrate the extra candle on its birthday cake.


Skiing’s equivalent to Cannes, the High Five Festival has scheduled its big comeback from October 1st to 3rd, 2021, in the lakeside gardens of Annecy’s Imperial Palace Hotel, to highlight 10 years of ski movie magic.


Unpredictable and even over the top, the upcoming anniversary edition will continue to mark the start of winter, giving those who love skiing and the mountains a glimpse into the season to come. The always unconventional High Five Festival mixes skiing, the silver screen, humor, music, street food, and art. In short, this one-of-a-kind event continues to think big. The fall 2021 program includes sneak previews of ski movies in theaters and outdoors, games and demos, master classes, comedy shows at the High Five Comedy Up, conferences, concerts, and parties from dusk till dawn.

As you can clearly see, the High Five Festival continues to get better with age!

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Journalist : Laure Béchade

Translation : Darin Reisman