Tips and tricks for getting around Annecy during the summer months
Jul 2022
4 min.

As a sustainable, environmentally-conscious destination, Annecy strives to make it as easy as possible to move around the city and the surrounding area. Active (or non-motorized) and public transportation ranks among the highest priorities for the local government in the Grand Annecy Area. This summer, they have renewed a wide range of services for getting around as well as set up a few new services.

Here is a toolbox full of practical alternatives to using your car, many for free. To take full advantage of them, we recommend planning your day to avoid peak-hour commutes.


Last summer, the handful of bus lines offering free service enjoyed an overwhelming success; the increased use of public transportation reduced automobile traffic, decreasing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions throughout the destination. For summer 2022, the city has decided to take measures a step further by offering more free bus lines, more electric bicycles, more park-and-ride parking lots, night buses that operate until one in the morning and many other initiatives that you can learn about on the Mobil’été – Grand Annecy website.

Riding the bus: in summer, Annecy makes it easy

The summer bus lines, set up in 2019, continue to expand every year. Sibra and the Grand Annecy Area have worked hard to make using public transportation as easy and affordable as possible in their effort to significantly reduce vehicle traffic, especially around the lake.

A major first this year: all bus lines (main lines plus the summer Mobil’été lines around the lake) are free from July 1 through August 31!

Great news, right? Here are the specifics.

Un été sans voiture

© Grand Annecy – Mobilités

Bus lines fall into three categories – lake, mountains, and villages – from June 1 through September 30

Choosing to take the bus reduces car traffic and eliminates the hassle of parking, all the while offering you the chance to marvel at the area’s beautiful mountain landscapes. In addition to the main city lines, the ten Mobil’été lines, which operate all summer long, are free in July and August to encourage visitors and locals alike to use the P+R parking lots, also free.


  • By the lake (lines 50A and 60)

In July and August, with buses every twenty minutes, two bus lines operate along the shores of the lake to take you to and from the many beaches. Marked paths from each bus stop indicate the way to the beach or lakeshore.

Line 50A (Annecy/Sevrier/Saint-Jorioz/Duingt) operates every day from 06:15 to 22:45.

Line 60 (Annecy/Veyrier-du-Lac/Menthon-Saint-Bernard/Talloires-Montmin) operates every day from 05:45 to 22:45.


  • In the mountains (lines S4, S5, S6, F1, F2)

The five bus lines that serve the mountainous areas rising high above both sides of the lake (Mt. Semnoz and Col de la Forclaz Pass) operate every day from 08:30 to 18:30 in July and

August, and then weekends and holidays in September. Bus frequency varies from one line to another. View the timetables on the Sibra website for details.

For line S4 between Annecy and Mt. Semnoz, you still have to pay a fee to bring your bicycle (€5 per trip) even in July and August.


  • From village to village (lines V1, V2, V3)

Three bus lines connect the villages of Sevrier, Saint-Jorioz, and Menthon-Saint-Bernard – Bluffy to reduce as much as possible the number of short-distance trips by car. These shuttles take you from the main lodging areas to the beaches and popular tourist sites. They operate every day from 09:30 to 19:00 (timetable varies from line to line) in July and August, with buses every 30 to 40 minutes.



On an electric bike… get there faster!

A new service launched last summer that proved extremely popular with both visitors and locals alike, Vélonecy 60 minutes offers the option of renting a bike for a short period of time. How does it work? Rent an electric bike at an extremely competitive rate to cover a short distance and for up to one hour (maximum). The goal is not to replace renting a bike for an all-day or half-day ride. After setting up 10 bike-rental stations last summer, the Grand Annecy Area has set up more than 48 stations this year.


© Agence Écomobilité – Ben Slimane

With the exception of Petit-Port and Quai de la Tournette stations, all other bike-rental stations are self-service using the Vélonecy 60 minutes application.

How? Once you have downloaded the application and provided your credit (or debit) card information, just make your way to the closest Vélonecy bike-rental station – designated by green ground markings, scan the QR code to unlock a bike and then ride. The rental ends when you scan the QR code after docking the bike at the rental station of your choice. It costs €1.50 for one hour, and the first thirty minutes are free. The rental is for a maximum time of one hour (otherwise you run the risk of seeing the final bill skyrocket!).



Enjoy getting taken for a ride… on a boat!

Floating from one pier to another on the lake is possible! Riding one of the ferries is a great alternative that allows you to view the surrounding landscapes from the middle of the lake, a truly unique point of view. If you want to circumnavigate the entire lake, stopping at one or several of the nine piers along the shore, count on at least two hours. It costs €13.50 for a child (ages 4-12) and €21 for an adult. Add €4 if you would like to bring your bike.


Navibus cruise


© Gilles Piel

By bus, bike, or boat, there are so many different ways to explore our destination!



  • © Grand Annecy – Mobilités

Journalist: Aude Pollet-Thiollier

Translation: Darin Reisman