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Marcel Livet

Mar. 2023
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A passion for skiing that spans generations

In 2018, Victor Edouard decided to walk away from a budding career in Switzerland’s high-end watch industry in to create his very own ski brand, Marcel Livet.

He wanted to offer skis made in France that combine traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art engineering. With a degree in industrial design, this young entrepreneur from Lyon, France, knows a lot about both.

Victor Edouard, creator of the Marcel Livet ski brand

© Axel Phelipon / Victor Edouard, creator of the Marcel Livet ski brand

Why choose Marcel Livet when your name is Victor Edouard?

He wanted to pay homage to his great-grandfather Marcel, an avid skier and mountaineer in his time. Marcel was an active member of the French Alpine Club (CAF), becoming president of the Lyon section in 1927. He was also a member of the French Alpine Club’s Himalaya committee, participating in preparations in 1951 for the third French expedition to the Himalaya, nicknamed the “Lyonnais Expedition,” to climb the world’s highest peak. Marcel’s passion for the mountains has successfully been passed down from one generation to the next.

Marcel Livet on skis (on the left of the photo)

© Marcel Livet / Marcel Livet on skis (on the left of the photo)

“When creating Marcel Livet, I made a conscious choice to combine my passion for alpine skiing with my commitment to excellence and French expertise. Every day I force myself to place an emphasis on quality, to offer something different, and to give life to the craftsmanship, profession, and drive that make each pair of skis unique and the source of so much passion and emotion.”

Ski trimming operation

© Marcel Livet / Ski trimming operation

This desire to become an entrepreneur has been a part of Victor since the very beginning. In grade school, when asked what he wanted to do when he grew up, Victor always answered, “I want to start my own company.”

So after spending four years happily working for a major Swiss watchmaker, when he met Axel Philippon with his thirty-three years of research and development experience at Salomon, Victor decided to take the leap.

Eighteen months and a few prototypes later made by trial and error in his garage – so many stories about entrepreneurs start in their garage, Marcel Livet was born. “I named the brand after my great-grandfather, who loved mountaineering and who truly embodied the values and passion that I have put into this project.” This success story shows that even in today’s world it is still possible in France to design, manufacture, and innovate in the ski industry.

Marcel Livet skis in preparation (varnish drying)

© Marcel Livet / Marcel Livet skis in preparation (varnish drying)

New perspectives in 2023

Five years later, Victor can be proud to have come all this way. “We have proven ourselves on the market, and earned recognition from ski industry professionals.”

New staff members have joined the team, and while formerly subcontracted, the company now manufactures eleven of its twelve models of skis (the twelfth is made in Italy). The design team, workshop, and showroom are all located in the Annecy suburb of Cran-Gevrier.

In addition to the brand’s “Heritage” range, Marcel Livet just launched a “Performance” range of skis. Designed for experienced and skilled skiers, this new range of skis focuses on high-performance and edge hold through each and every turn.

Marcel Livet skis

© Marcel Livet / Marcel Livet skis

Manufacturing one-of-a-kind skis

Through craftsmanship and quality, Marcel Livet skis result from a meticulous process, with just the right combination of esthetics, performance, and price to appeal to a clientele responsive to the brand’s ethical approach. Through one of over thirty specialized shops at ski resorts you can test a pair of skis, or simply stop by the showroom to borrow a pair.


The DNA of Marcel Livet skis

  • Skis that combine performance and a vintage look.
  • Ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices: all production is handled within a 250 km radius of Annecy.
  • 70% of every pair is made with wood from trees grown in sustainably managed forests.
  • The use of plastic is extremely limited.

© Marcel Livet / Marcel Livet skis in action


Last year, Marcel Livet launched a line of leather gloves and mittens inspired by those worn by French mountaineers during their 1951 expedition to the Himalaya.

Entirely French made, with leather sourced from livestock in France, and with a historic vintage look, you can purchase a pair through the brand’s website.


Marcel Livet

Louis Gevril men's mittens

© Marcel Livet / Louis Gevril men's mittens


  • © Marcel Livet

Journalist: Aude Pollet-Thiollier

Translation: Darin Reisman