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Le Point Commun

Building bridges through art
May 2024
3 min.

A place for teaching and learning, whether just passing through or planning to stay for a while, Le Point Commun figures among those unique places that use contemporary art to create a shared experience.

Whether or not you like it, contemporary art has the truly amazing power to provoke a discussion and pique one’s curiosity. In spite of what everyone may say, there are no barriers to entry or perquisites to enjoy contemporary art.

"Les fusées"

© Raphaëlle Detheve / "Les fusées"

Art for every season

Established in 2010 in a residential neighborhood at the top of the hill in Cran-Gevrier, where Collines Theater, the recreation center, the library, and an elementary school all coexist in harmony, the center for contemporary art, Le Point Commun, seeks to connect and find common ground as a way to to spread culture within every community. The eighties spirit of democratization is fully intended.

At the beginning, Corinne Benoit contacted the city to propose the idea of a temporary art gallery, in the form of a non-profit (which it remains to this day), with a condensed program of exhibitions. When the gallery and interest grew, the concept transformed from temporary to permanent, and now two employees work for the non-profit organization. With these resources, Le Point Commun currently hosts a steady stream of exhibitions to the number of four per season: three solo and one group show. In addition, two performances mark the calendar, one in the fall and the other in the spring.

Eva Nielsen - "Hypersurface"

© Pedro Studio Photo / Eva Nielsen – "Hypersurface"

The path to critical thinking

With free entry thanks to public funding (from the city, department, and region), the gallery continues to develop and build upon the area’s policy to encourage cultural education. In addition to opening its doors on a regular basis to school outings, Le Point Commun also offers guided visits every Saturday afternoon at 14:30, an exhibition pamphlet, a game booklet as a fun way to guide visitors the rest of the week, storytelling for little kids two years old and up, and guided visits using French sign language for the hearing impaired.

Family-oriented programs include guided tours and practical parent-child workshops to make it easy to initiate a discussion about art. And more often than not the kids, much less inhibited than their parents, take the lead. Piquing their curiosity, sharpening their minds, loosening their tongues, art’s many voices help lead the way towards critical thinking, and that is the power of a cultural center like this one.

Séverine Hubard - "Joint"

© David Malacrida / Séverine Hubard – "Joint"

In the eye of the creator

As the Gaëlle Loth exposition comes to a close, staff has only a few days to prepare the gallery for the next exposition. Staff members spend their week disassembling, sanding, painting, rearranging, cleaning, and creating a new concept for the space to welcome upcoming artists. Add organizing shipping the works of art, communication and promotion, and setting up future cultural education programs to their to-do list as well. Support from Altitudes, a network in the Alps for contemporary art, provides invaluable logistics assistance to staff.

From May 25-27, view the exposition, “Frictions,” a collaborative project between the staff of Images Passages and Le Point Commun in partnership with L’Écrevis and instigated by Antoine Perez, artist-researcher, exhibition curator, and art director in his spare time. This project came to fruition through two exhibitions, including “La Bascule des Vivants” (Turning Point) at Le Point Commun, where a dozen artists examine the current environmental crisis from the activist point of view. A great way to see how artists and citizens act and work together to create, question, and bear witness to the impact human activity has on the living world and on society.

Setting up an exposition

© Le Point Commun / Setting up an exposition

Teaching the next generation

To encourage to young contemporary artists, Le Point Commun makes a point of providing support, from getting the word out to helping to produce works of art. Guest artists receive much needed visibility. Le Point Commun works with local schools, organizes workshops and performances, and provide artists with help filling out grant applications.

When it comes enlivening the discussion, encouraging “different points of view” shows a willingness to create a strong bond between Le Point Commun, Collines Theater, and the Annecy art and media library. Waxing philosophic allows the general public to provide their points of view and feelings about art. Before elaborating any form of tangible explanation, art needs to be seen and experienced. So the next performance will require active participation from the audience.

Yoann Estevenin - "Sleep"

© Raphaëlle Detheve / Yoann Estevenin – "Sleep"

Through, “Plus tu cries, moins tu m’entends” (“The more you yell, the less you hear me”), artist Anna Holveck plans to offer the public a collective sound performance on Saturday, June 15. This shared experience will focus on sound, voice, the meaning of words, and their substance. All you need to do is sign up. Rehearsals will take place on June 8, 9, and 15, from 14:00 to 17:30. The experience will definitely shake you up.


Upcoming events:

  • Friday, May 24, at 18:30: opening evening for the exposition “Frictions. La bascule des vivants” (“Friction. A Turning Point”).
  • May 25 to July 27: exposition “Frictions. La bascule des vivants” (“Friction. A Turning Point”).
  • Saturday, June 15, at 18:00: group sound performance with Anna Holveck.
Maxime Verdier - "Vue de Doppelganger"

© Raphaëlle Detheve / Maxime Verdier – "Vue de Doppelganger"

Le Point Commun

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Le Point Commun


  • © Simon Hurion / Chourouck Heriech – “Le geste du regard”

Journalist: Gaëlle Tagliabue

Translation: Darin Reisman