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Apr. 2024
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The number of people who simply love Lake Annecy continues to grow.

These include curious visitors, loyal longtime fans, locals, and those who, simply by chance, fell in love with the area and never left.

Julien Audigier figures among the latter. Now a well-known local personality who embarks on amazing adventures to and fro throughout the area, he has agreed to share a few of his favorite spots, colorful photos, and invigorating experiences.

On a bike ride around Lake Annecy

On a bike ride around Lake Annecy

Lake Annecy and the surrounding area in his soul

Julien Audigier moved to Annecy just ten years ago to take on the role as marking director for Snowleader. Since then, after falling in love with the area at first sight, he has visited every hidden nook and cranny around Lake Annecy. An ambassador for Savoie Mont-Blanc, today he celebrates a full decade spent in Annecy by becoming an official Lake Annecy Tourism Office partner as one of the destinations well-known tourism personalities.

It was love at first sight with the lake and the surrounding mountains. I’m still surprised every day by just how beautiful the area truly is,” he explains.

Hiking high above Lake Annecy

Hiking high above Lake Annecy

When he first moved to the area, Julien Audigier already had outdoor sports in his blood. His experience working for Snowleader fanned the flames and motivated him to explore every hidden corner of the area, whether on foot, by bike, on skis, in whatever style as long as he has fun, which always seems to be the case!

Whether mountain biking, climbing via ferrata, canyoning, or even cross-country skiing, Julien never backs down from a new adventure. He’ll try anything and everything, enjoying every moment and fired up by the sheer excitement of the experience.

Today, he spreads his wings, flying solo wherever the wind takes him.

Cross-country skiing on top of Mt. Semnoz

Cross-country skiing on top of Mt. Semnoz

Annecy and the surrounding landscapes in his sights

“I had so many photos in mind and memories engraved in my head that I decided to branch out on my own.”

Today, a photographer-influencer, ambassador-personality, and content creator, Julien has become one of the destination’s most popular personalities on social media. With 50,000 followers on Facebook, overseeing the Annecy et son lac” Facebook group with 31,000 subscribers, and 23,000 followers on Instagram, Julien has clearly shaken things up.

From sports to exploration, from heritage sites to local products, he roams throughout the area with a fine-tooth comb, taking photos from every possible angle. He distills recommendations and great ideas to their essence to find off-season alternatives, avoid peak hours, and take full advantage of the area’s wonders, his inexhaustible source of inspiration.

“I encourage visitors to venture off the beaten path, to push their sense of exploration just a bit further. By heading down the road less traveled, you can take advantage of it all and discover truly amazing places.”

Exploring Alby-sur-Chéran

Exploring Alby-sur-Chéran

Use sustainable transport, explore Annecy’s old town at night, stroll along the water at sunrise, and venture as soon as you can into the hills for truly unique, exceptional views of the lake and mountains.

Put the daily grind on pause for a while to simply enjoy experiencing the wonder of the moment.

“Sometimes I take photos on the fly, while I’m biking, and other times, I wait patiently for the clouds to clear, or even for a cloud to come into view to provide just the right lighting. Sometimes waiting just a few short minutes makes all the difference. I always keep my eyes peeled.”

The magic of Annecy’s old town

The magic of Annecy’s old town

Annecy for inspiration

And it simply works like magic, like the day when Julien took this photo of three swans perfectly aligned as if rehearsing the choreography for an upcoming performance.

The piers melding with the lake’s edge, the setting sun illuminating every aspect of the mountains, a rainbow sprouting from “Pont des Amours” bridge (“Lover’s Bridge”), breathtaking peaks and colorful forests, Julien’s photos offer such a vast palette of colors and flavors!

Swans beautifully aligned in perfect formation

Swans beautifully aligned in perfect formation

Julien’s community of followers is so active that he quickly decided to publish his first book, “Annecy et son lac” (Annecy and its lake).

Using his best photos and writing it like a guidebook, he put together a whole host of great ideas, alternative adventures, fascinating heritage sites to see, as well as other places that you absolutely must visit.

Where to bike and where to hike, where to spend the day and where to eat local specialties, his opus combines the spectacular with the practical. A first in a series of books he plans to write to document his his many wanderings and walkabouts, including an upcoming installment covering all of the Haute-Savoie.


Well aware of the need to protect the local swan population, another icon of Lake Annecy, two euros per book purchased during the pre-order campaign will be donated to the non-profit “Fais-moi Cygne,” which works to protect this endangered species.

His first book “Annecy et son lac” (Annecy and its lake)

His first book “Annecy et son lac” (Annecy and its lake)

Inspirational escapades

While Julien truly incarnates the relaxed, laid-back version of Annecy’s art of living, he spends a fair amount of his time exploring other destinations in France and Europe.

He writes all about these great escapes on his recently created blogMes Escapades.” It covers in detail his many weekend or weeklong road trips in a van or on a bike. The articles feature his favorite spots, useful maps, and great sights to see.

Whether traveling through Aveyron by bike, or Lubéron in a vintage Citroën 2CV, whether on the La Régalante cycling route between Nantes and Mont Saint Michel, or riding from one beautiful village to another in Burgundy, his trip reports provide a Top Ten list of favorites, photos included.


Even though Julien leaves Annecy from time to time to see the world, he is always more than happy to come home. And to be clear, of all the amazing places he has seen and visited, in his heart of hearts, Lake Annecy will always be his favorite!

Coming home always puts a smile on his face

Coming home always puts a smile on his face

Let’s go! Time to follow in Julien’s footsteps for a trip around Annecy and the lake.


Where are your favorite places to… 

  • See the sunset?

At Col de la Forclaz Pass. Access is easy and the views of the lake are simply breathtaking.

  • Go on a picnic?

At the Ermitage de Saint-Germain church overlook, where you can also cool off in the cave nearby. Head into the hills for this incredibly calm and peaceful location . Enjoy great views of the lake as bonus.

  • Go on a walk?

The short, one-hour the three crosses circuit starting from Les Puisots.

  • Go swimming?

Talloires Beach! The grass, diving boards, and beach volleyball court offer the perfect combo.

  • Enjoy the snow?

Cross-country skiing on top of Mt. Semnoz! Easy to get to from Annecy, take advantage of an afternoon session and enjoy the setting sun from the top of the hybrid lift (a gondola-chairlift).


Where else do you like to go to…

  • Enjoy a casual drink with friends?

The Petit Port piers along the lake.

  • For a taste of local specialties?

Colombière farm at Col de Bluffy Pass for a wedge or two (or three) of Reblochon cheese. While you’re there, enjoy the spectacular view of Menthon-Saint-Bernard Castle. The expression “like in a fairytale” is an understatement.

  • For some local heritage?

The Paccard Bell Foundry museum in Sevrier. 

  • For a cultural excursion?

A stroll through Annecy’s historic center that includes the cathedral, Palais de l’Ile, and the castle. From the small cobblestone pathways beneath the castle, the view of Old Town’s rooftops is truly amazing.


Your favorite hike:

Mt. Veyrier from Col des Sauts Pass to the spot where the old aerial tram top station was located.


Your favorite bike ride:

Obviously a ride around the lake! Especially one that includes pedaling up and over Col de la Forclaz Pass.

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A happy man at La Forclaz

A happy man at La Forclaz


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