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DYNAMIC - A Legend is Reborn
Jan 2023
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In 1968, by winning three gold medals at the Olympic Games in Grenoble on VR17 skis (“V” for verre glass, “R” for resin), Jean-Claude Killy was responsible for propelling the DYNAMIC brand onto the highest step of the world circuit’s podiums. Technically unbeatable, DYNAMIC skis made a lasting impression on the slopes and with the most accomplished skiers, and wrote some of the most beautiful chapters in the history of skiing.

A legend was born, and great times lay ahead for the brand created in 1931 by Paul Michal – a cabinetmaker from Isère (France), who was passionate about the mountains and technical challenges – and his brother-in-law Jean Berthet, an Arts et Metiers graduate.

That year, four pairs of skis were manufactured in their workshop under the brand name NIVOISE, rapidly renamed DYNAMIC, which is the contraction of Dynamometer, used to measure the ski’s flex, and Michal, the founder’s name. Some of the most breakthrough innovations in the history of skiing followed: the first synthetic bases, first glass fibre and resin skis, invention of elastic edges, and more.

Sadly, over the decades the company experienced a number of difficulties and slowly degenerated. The glory years, when the brand’s history was written in the wake of great champions, became a distant memory.



Ingrid Menet, a woman passionate about the mountains

Almost ninety years after its creation the brand has risen like a phoenix from its ashes thanks to Ingred Menet who acquired it, a woman enamoured by the mountains, with gritty entrepreneurial drive and an innate thirst for challenge.


“I fell in love with this legend, the stunning handcrafted skis and their exceptional track record. Our aim is to resume this path; to propose quality skis and uphold the brand’s history.

Ingrid Menet

Ingrid Menet

Interestingly, Ingrid does not come from a skiing background, she comes from Northern France and the large part of her professional career has been spent within the Auchan Group, climbing its professional ladder step-by-step and travelling to the farthest reaches of the world. But the mountains are her adopted home, and what she loves more than anything are new challenges.

At an early age, she discovered her passion for the mountains with her family, and it has stayed with her ever since. Her mountain escapades became increasingly frequent and her hikes ever longer and tougher. The mountains became her real playground and where she found freedom, through rock climbing, trail running, and subsequently becoming a highly accomplished mountaineer, she never missed an opportunity to set off on an expedition.

Whilst on holiday in Africa, the chance arose for her to climb Kilimanjaro (5,895m), she was thirty years old and didn’t think twice. It was an unforgettable experience and she vowed to do the same thing again every year.

Her list of achievements includes some of the most prestigious summits: Mont Blanc (4,807m), Cotopaxi and Chimborazo (two volcanoes on the Equator reaching 5,897 and 6,263m), Lenin Peak Tajikistan (7,134m) all climbed without oxygen; and she also reached the Manaslu summit in Nepal (8,163m).

Inaugurated in September last year, her workshop-showroom is perched in the upper reaches of Talloires with the most sumptuous panoramic view across Lake Annecy. Inside it you can find some of the brand’s collector items on display. It took audacity to leave a comfortable professional situation behind in 2015 and take over a company where everything had to be rebuilt in a sector that no-one was expecting her to be in and many were expecting her to fail.

She threw herself heart and soul into the adventure, learning as she went, surrounding herself with professionals. Despite the fact she faced many challenges and encountered a somewhat sceptical response in a male-dominated sport, Ingrid demonstrated her determination and leadership to relaunch the business.

Ingrid Menet & DYNAMIC skis

Ingrid Menet & DYNAMIC skis

Proud to promote her passion for the mountains by reviving a legendary brand, she relaunched race manufacturing – loyal to the DYNAMIC DNA – and along with it new ambitions. The skis are limited editions handcrafted in Italy, in-line with Paul Michal’s original racing standards and with today’s sidecuts. The VR range, which is designed especially to appreciate the pleasure of skiing and intended for passionate skiers who want to improve their technique while having fun, is making its comeback.


“We have increased this year’s VR range with four new skis: the VR Evolution, the Alpine skiing reference, VR Perf SL and GS slalom and giant skis, worthy heirs to the legendary VR17 and 27, and lastly the VRIDE 95, a very lightweight freeride ski with a 95mm waist ideal for powder skiing as well as performing well on-piste. These versatile skis will enchant skiers with a good margin of progression. The brand’s DNA has been scrupulously adhered to. We work with local companies, and it is passion that drives us. Our return has been greeted with excitement by ski enthusiasts in France and abroad. We equip the French Speed Ski Team, who are one of the best teams in the world.” declares Ingrid Menet, CEO, DYNAMIC.

Showroom DYNAMIC

Ingrid welcomes you in her showroom 7 days a week upon prior appointment. On-site you can discover the new DYNAMIC range, get personalised advice on choosing the skis that suit you best, or test a pair for the day. Depending on snow cover, ski test days are organised throughout the winter in the ski resorts.




The showroom

145 chemin de Rovagny – 74290 Talloires-Montmin / contact@dynamic.ski



Journalist: Aude Pollet-Thiollier

Translation: Kate Dawson