Gourmet fun

along Lake Annecy’s West Shore
June 2024
4 min.

For a truly enjoyable family excursion that both kids and adults will love, look no further than Lake Annecy’s West Shore.

We explored several amazing places that offer a fun time, a great meal, or both. For your energetic kids head straight to Criq’Parc, to tantalize your taste buds make a quick stop at Pâtisserie Morgane pastry shop, and the finish your day by the lake on a high note at La Crique!


© Le Criq’Parc

An invigorating escape beneath the trees

Venture deep into the forest for a relaxing stroll on your way Criq’Parc, an eco-friendly outdoor playground for kids.

Located beneath the towering trees of a forest in Saint-Jorioz, Criq’Parc’s many incredible attractions should be on every parent’s list of places to visit. From tree houses to a giant maze, from mega-seesaws to zip lines, each structure opens the realm of possibilities to budding climbers and adventurers. Whether hopping feet first onto the jumbo trampoline or zooming down the slides, Criq’Parc’s safe and secure playground offers kids 1000 hectares to freely run around on their own.


© Le Criq’Parc

A genuine paradise on Earth for 3 to 12 year olds, the play structures at Criq’Parc do not require any specific gear. Located less than one meter from the ground or protected with nets, kids will enjoy unlimited fun over and over again.

Parents, who get in for free if they simply want to watch their kids, have front row seating on the benches and tables made available.

An ideal setup for birthdays with a group of high-energy kids, Criq’Parc offers all-inclusive packages with full access to the playground for three hours, a reserved area with a table, a delicious snack (cake, organic fruit juices, and organic sweets), a souvenir photo, and even dedicated entertainment as an option.

  • As a bonus, with the lake just a few short meters away from Criq’Parc, those who still have energy to spare can go for a dip in the lake afterwards.


Le Criq’Parc


© Le Criq’Parc

Charmed by Morgane’s gourmet spell

Any time is a good time for a quick detour in Sevrier to enjoy a delicious treat at Pâtisserie Morgane pastry shop.

Feast on a healthy breakfast, a gourmet brunch, a savory lunch, or a snack at tea time, whatever moment of day suits you best. For a first class light or stomach-filling first meal, start your day on the right foot with breakfast or brunch.

A special mention for the kids meal with soft-boiled eggs and toast strips, gourmet chocolate pancakes, a strip of bacon, a fruit skewer, a yogurt, and granola. More than enough energy to get your motor running in the morning!


© Clément Sirieys

On the savory side, we choose the “robust pancake” without a second thought. This chestnut flour pancake is garnished with smoked bacon, an egg, sundried tomatoes, grilled onions, and topped off with maple syrup. Delicious! The “healthy bun” is another option, with its orange notes, onion compotes spread, grapes deglazed in orange juice, dried duck, sundried tomatoes, and arugula.

When it comes to pastries, never pass up the opportunity to savor pastry chef Morgane Perceval’s signature creation: Morello cherries (“griotte” in French). As flamboyant as it is tasty, this lovely dark and glazed cherry reveals a Morella cherry marmalade and vanilla mousse on a chocolate shortbread biscuit to add something crispy to this sweet delight. Her reinterpretation of a lemon tart in the shape of a small boat is a must for foodies: meringue, hazelnut cream, marmalade, and light lemon cream on a sugar crust will make your taste buds go wild.

For tasty treats to take home and share with others, try the cow-shaped chocolate covered marshmallows (“vachettes guimauves”), or her “chocolate hazelnut” and “salted caramel” spreads.


Pâtisserie Morgane


© Pâtisserie Morgane

A relaxing evening along the water

Back to Saint-Jorioz, head to La Crique, another eco-friendly location right next to Criq’Parc. This amazing place offers many relaxing, soothing, or even athletic activities to choose from. This “idyllic” beach has definitely earned its name, providing a rejuvenating experience away from the busy goings-on of the surrounding area.

Here you can just laze about while enjoying organic smoothies or ice cream from La Roulotte; rent a stand up paddleboard, a kayak, or a paddle boat to venture out onto the lake’s pristine waters.

From 09:00-10:00 in the morning in July and August, try a yoga class on Wednesdays, or a pilates class on Thursdays, the surrounding landscapes make the effort worthwhile (even for those who do not feel flexible enough!). On Friday evenings (in July and August), take full advantage of the area’s peaceful calm to enjoy organic cocktail hour and a concert. In addition to vegetarian hors d’oeuvres, the scheduled program includes performances by local artists as well as other festivities.


© La Crique

La Crique bends over backwards to maintain and respect the area’s natural beauty, to build awareness among guests about preserving and protecting the environment, to eliminate plastic bottles at the Eco Snack and La Roulotte snack bars, and to offer organic and/or local food and drinks in order to reduce and recycle waste.

Since La Crique encourages non-motorized forms of transportation, think about riding a bike to get there. It has earned “Accueil Vélo” bicycle friendly certification, offering cycling specific services that include a place to park your bicycle and power sockets to recharge your bike’s battery. Can you think of a better reason to go for a ride?


La Crique


© La Crique


  • © La Crique

Journalist: Gaëlle Tagliabue

Translation: Darin Reisman