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Bespoke cooking classes for a convivial experience

Nov 2022
3 min.

In the culinary hands of Home Chef Gaëlle Chrétien

End-of-year celebrations are synonymous with large family reunions and parties with friends. For the most gifted in the kitchen, now’s the time to organise the menu, add the final touches to recipes or for the audacious, to try out new ones. But for the culinary inept among us, the upcoming season of celebrations can quickly become a Madhatter’s tea party!

We had the pleasure of meeting Gaëlle Chrétien who invites you into her creative kitchen, or she can come to yours, you can choose! Whether you are passionate about cooking or nervous at the thought of getting started, treat yourself, or come with someone to enjoy this tasty and pleasurable experience from start to finish.

Bespoke culinary classes for recipes with inspiration

From a 5th generation Michelin-starred family, Gaëlle Chrétien decided to become a home chef and share her talents in the intimacy of your own homes.

If you’ve run out of inspiration, or you’d like to take a step back to healthy cooking, or create a special memory with friends or family, Gaëlle offers in-home cooking classes or classes in a workshop equipped with 6 specialised workstations at the Lycée des Bressis in Seynod. You have the choice between private classes upon request, or themed group classes which occur about once a month. The perfect opportunity to glean tips and secrets from this expert chef and discover simple but inspirational cuisine. Something to impress your guests with!

Portrait of Gaëlle Chrétien

© Gaëlle Chrétien / Portrait of Gaëlle Chrétien

Cooking to connect

Gaëlle’s cooking classes are a real treat for yourself, or to share, or to offer as a gift and create lasting precious memories. Who doesn’t remember the comforting smells rising off a meal gently simmering for hours, or family recipes handed down from generation to generation or even the failed attempts that left your childhood kitchen in turbulent chaos?

Only cooking, whose essence is fuelled by love, can create such inspirational memories and Gaëlle is second to none for concocting little flavoursome delights, all made from seasonal local products. Gaëlle Chrétien prefers emphasising the pure raw essence of an ingredient rather than using over-sophisticated recipes. She endeavours to restore your desire for healthy living through simple virtuous recipes using produce that respects the environment, your health, and the producers themselves.

As pleasure is her driving force and emotions are the key to her cooking, Gaëlle’s cuisine is second to none. She adapts to your desires and her real aspiration is to transmit her secrets and emotions.

Gaëlle Chrétien's collective kitchen

© Gaëlle Chrétien / Gaëlle Chrétien's collective kitchen

La cuisine en famille, vecteur de transmission

What’s more, you can join her cooking classes as a duo: parent/child (over 8 years old), grandparent/child, godparent/child (any combination you wish is possible!) to share this unique experience together making healthy gourmet recipes. Energy bars to take on a hiking trip, chocolate cake with no added sugar or a surprise tapas combo will captivate your taste buds whether you are a budding chef or just starting out!

Don’t be shy, come and test your flare for cooking, the next group class is scheduled for Saturday 10th December 2022, the theme is vegetarian tapas for parties with original plant-based recipes.


Please note: two other workshops will be running during the school holidays. A party atmosphere is guaranteed!

  • Tuesday 20th. December 2022 at 4:00-6:00 pm: Delicate hazelnut praline feuillantine chocolate lollipops
  • Thursday 22nd December 2022 at 4:00-6:00 pm: Star-shaped parmesan shortbread biscuits and crunchy raw vegetable garlands.


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Delicate hazelnut praline feuillantine chocolate lollipops

© Gaëlle Chrétien / Delicate hazelnut praline feuillantine chocolate lollipops


  • © Gaëlle Chrétien

Journalist: Gaëlle Tagliabue

Translation: Kate Dawson