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Perception is in the eye of the photographer

Feb 2022
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Bastien Morel has had a lifelong love for the great outdoors, sports, and photography, so it is no surprise then that this Lyon native decided to pack his bags and move to Annecy. Since settling down in the city by the lake, he splits his time between coaching sports and photography. Lake Annecy and the surrounding area make for an ideal base camp to take full advantage of the lake and mountains. On an almost daily basis, Bastien adventures through throughout the area on foot, a bike, a paddle board, or skis.

Portrait de Bastien Morel

© Bastien Morel

Enamored with the spectacular landscapes

Camera, drone, GoPro… Bastien always has multiple tools on hand to take photos at a specific moment or because of perfect lighting. His point of view and composition makes his photos come alive.

Constantly on the lookout for the right time to grab his camera, he keeps a close eye on the weather forecast and local webcams to plan his next photographic adventure. Always in search of the next unexpected shot, he has no problem waking up at dawn to catch the sunrise over Mt. Blanc, or skiing to the top of a snow capped La Tournette in winter to immortalize the contrast of colors from the mountains to the lake.


“I never plan a photo shoot a week in advance. I prefer to wait until the very last minute when I know that the lighting will be just right, that the weather window will create a spectacular setting to capture. Original and rare are my favorite words in photography. These moments are most often temporary, fleeting. The never-ending challenge is making sure that I’m in the right place at the right time.”


Over time, Bastien’s photos have gained notice on social media, leading to an opportunity to become an ambassador for the Savoie Mont Blanc region. His adventures have taken him to out-of-the-way locations all over the Northern French Alps. In summer 2021, he decided to open a photo gallery in Saint-Jorioz, one of the wilder spots along the lake for which he has a special affinity. When visiting the gallery, feel free to chat with him, and ask for recommendations of places to hike or walk. He loves to talk about where he likes to venture out and take photos.


Galerie Photo by Bastien Morel

388 route d’Albertville – Saint-Jorioz 

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The stories behind the photos as told by the artist

“I look at every excursion into the mountains as a new adventure, a good reason to capture a moment, great lighting, or an emotion.”

Planet Semnoz

“Mt. Semnoz at sunrise or sunset, after it snows, is always magical. The walk on the summit plateau is easily accessible from the pass, and the area is just a twenty-five minute drive from downtown Annecy. The views are breathtaking, with La Tournette in the foreground, the Aravis Mountains in the midground, and the Mont-Blanc Range in the background. With the trees completely covered in snow, it feels like you’re in the far north. Whether in the morning or evening, the changing colors of the mountains and sky create a truly unique atmosphere.”

Tournette and Mont Blanc at sunset from the Semnoz

© Bastien Morel / Tournette and Mont Blanc at sunset from the Semnoz

Forclaz Pass

“I had this photo in mind for a while without ever thinking that the road to Col de la Forclaz Pass from Talloires could form the perfect snowline. Between fall and winter, the contrasts are incredibly distinct, and the opportunities to capture the essence of the moment do not last very long; this is what I like about photography. In short, I always have my gear at the ready to capture the shot that I have been waiting for months to take.”

Last glimmers of autumn - at the gateway to winter from La Forclaz

© Bastien Morel / Last glimmers of autumn – at the gateway to winter from La Forclaz

The Mont-Blanc Range

“After a three-day storm, the extraordinary amount of snow and biting cold were signs of a great day of photography to come. I set a course for Chamonix. As I came around a turn, my eyes caught sight of the Mont-Blanc Range under a thick blanket of snow. The Drus, plastered in white, and the Aiguille du Midi, perched high on its pedestal, created a breathtaking scene. Nature’s beauty was ubiquitous, ever-changing as the hours passed. While taking pictures of the sun setting over the high summits, a woman approached me and said, ‘You chose the right day. I’m from Chamonix, and in 25 years, I have never seen such a sight.’ Both of us continued to gaze at the mountains with the same sense of wonder.”

The Aiguille du Midi frozen after a storm

© Bastien Morel / The Aiguille du Midi frozen after a storm

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  • © Bastien Morel

Journalist : Aude Pollet-Thiollier

Translation: Darin Reisman