La roullotte du masseur

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  • La roullotte du masseur
  • La roullotte du masseur
  • La roullotte du masseur
  • La roullotte du masseur
  • La roullotte du masseur
  • La roullotte du masseur
  • La roullotte du masseur
  • La roullotte du masseur
  • La roullotte du masseur
  • La roullotte du masseur
  • La roullotte du masseur
  • La roullotte du masseur
  • La roullotte du masseur
  • La roullotte du masseur
  • La roullotte du masseur
  • La roullotte du masseur
  • La roullotte du masseur
  • La roullotte du masseur
  • La roullotte du masseur
  • La roullotte du masseur
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Opening period

All year round.
Opening hours vary.


Traveling massage practice, sauna, relaxation workshops, introduction to wellness massage... Personalised services provided by a certified practitioner. All audiences: adults, children, individuals, companies, events, hotels...

Welcome aboard the roulotte du masseur! Marc and Caroline welcome you into this unique place to offer you a simple custom-made relaxation moment.

La Roulotte du Masseur is a travelling wellness practice that offers numerous services to all kinds of people.

- Sauna:
Well known for its relaxing detoxifying virtues, its benefits for the skin and health in general, the sauna is very popular in Scandivanian countries including Finland, where there is an average of one sauna per house. The roulotte's traditional sauna, made of non-treated wood, is heated with a wood-burner with volcanic stones and can host up to 10 persons. Thanks to its round window and glass door, you get to enjoy the landscape during your session, making for a wonderful relaxing time.

- Massages:
Enjoy the massages given by Marc Laurent, practitioner certified by the French wellness massage federation. Marc uses the intuitive approach to offer you a unique massage suited to your needs, allowing to access a physical, emotional and energetic well-being. These massages use different wellness massage and reflexology techniques and are applied with vegetal oils and organic essential oils.
Massages on table (with oil - 1h, 1h30 or 2h) or on an ergonomic chair (dressed - 10 or 20 minutes), in the roulotte or at home.

- Relaxation workshops:
La Roulotte du Masseur also offers relaxation sessions you can take part in alone, with your family, friends or colleagues. You will discover a practice inspired by the Qi Gong and Marc's savoir-faire, based on breathing exercises, stretching and self-massage techniques. Tricks to use and reuse at will in your daily life!

- Introduction workshops to wellness massage:
From theory to practice, discover the basics of intuitive massage through exercises to complete in small groups. This workshop is aimed at everyone, whatever their ease with body contact: individuals wishing to acquire the basics of massage to take care of their loved ones and professionals who want to add another skill to their savoir-faire.

- Wellness area:
When there is enough room, Caroline and Marc put a small salon open to all next to the roulotte. They wish to develop an area to meet and exchange on subjects such as wellness, natural health, alternative and environmental initiatives, varied savoir-faires... This area already has a small bookshelf and will soon offer a repertoire of local producers, you will have the opportunity to taste natural herb-tea, take part in workshops and debates...

Coronavirus information

Due to the current health situation, we are adapting our work conditions and services:
- welcoming only on appointment
- currently, we are only offering the following services: seated massage (dressed) on ergonomic chair, relaxation sessions in small groups and outside, revitalizing care.
- Please wear a face mask (we can provide you one). Your masseur Marc also wears one, along with an apron and both are changed after each massage.
- Hand wash is systematic with hydro alcoholic gel and so is the sanitizing of all surfaces in contact with the clients after each session.
- We use an air cleaner and ventilate the trailer after each client.
- Appointments are distanced in order to let the air renew between 2 customers.


  • Well-being
  • Massage
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  • Intervenes at home
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From 10€: sauna session /15 minutes massage on chair
From 60€ :1-hour oil massage

Accepted means of payment
  • Cheque
  • Cash
City Pass offer

One offer to choose from :
10% discount for 2 customised massages of 1 hour
10% discount for 1 customised massage 2h
Reservation required by phone

Tourism and Disability

  • Hearing disability
  • Mental disability
  • Visual disability
  • Site, building partially accessible
  • Reception staff sensitized to the reception of people with disabilities
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  • In the country
  • Mountain view
  • Mountain location


  • 255 Route des Noyers
  • 74210 Faverges-Seythenex
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