The Fête du Lac

A major event of the summer, this great pyrotechnic show is punctuated by music, lights and water displays. It originates from the events in honour of visiting sovereigns, in particular the arrival of Napoleon III in 1860. Today it is considered to be the most important fireworks display in Europe, in a magical setting between lake and mountains.

Fête du Lac

© Peignée Verticale – T. Nalet / Fête du Lac

On the first Saturday of August, the Bay of Albigny in Annecy becomes the enchanting setting for the largest fireworks show in Europe!

70 minutes of fireworks punctuated by music, lights, water displays, animations and public participation, to appreciate the magic of a unique place. Grandiose, magical! Nearly 100,000 spectators come to the banks of the lake to take part in this evening of pleasure and wonder.

Originating from the great “Venetian” festival held in 1860 in honour of the arrival of Napoleon III, this event has evolved by integrating all the new firework techniques and by calling on renowned creators of emotions.

A unique show, to be seen at least once in a lifetime!

Next Fête du Lac – August 2025 (no edition in 2024, due to the Summer Olympics in Paris)

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History of the Fête du Lac

The Fête du Lac has its roots in the nautical and pyrotechnical shows organised on the lake, as early as the 16th century, to the glory of visiting sovereigns and, even more so, in the sumptuous Venetian festival given in honour of Napoleon III and the Empress Eugénie the day after Savoie was attached to France, on 29 August 1860.

This nocturnal lake fairy tale, orchestrated with rare brilliance by the municipal architect Ignace Monnet, made such a strong impression on the spirits that the people of Annéci have never ceased to renew the magic; once or twice a decade, they close important events with charming night-time parties that are very popular.

On 25 August 1895, the tourist office organised what it thought would be the first of a long series of large annual Venetian festivals; this initiative proved too costly to be repeated. However, from 1905 onwards, musical and agricultural competitions, official visits, religious ceremonies, regattas and other gymnastic festivals were used as a pretext for the annual organisation of decorated boat competitions, night-time illuminations and fireworks displays on the lake. In 1924, under the impetus of the tourist office, the night festival finally became a show in its own right. The following year, the newly created festival committee, whose ambition was to make it “one of the most beautiful pyrotechnic events that can be admired“, officially christened the Fête du Lac.