A paragliding flight

For a unique view of Lake Annecy and its mountains, paragliding is a unique experience not to be missed. Take to the skies and discover new sensations in an internationally renowned site. And for those who just want to watch the sails take off and fly, the show is guaranteed.

Parapente au-dessus du lac d'Annecy

© Olivier Allamand / Décollage à La Forclaz

Discover Lake Annecy and its mountains in an original way! Take to the skies and try paragliding.

Iinitiation, tandem flight, improvement: free flight specialists will help you discover their passion, in an internationally recognised site. French Championships, World Championships: the site of Lake Annecy often has the opportunity to receive the “top level” of aerial sportsmen.

La Forclaz and Planfait are the two classic take-off sites for first flights, but you will certainly see wings taking off from other spots around the lake. Paraglider take-offs are a sight to behold. Sit back and watch the colours of the sails colouring the sky, listen to the sound of the wind in the sails, the cheering of the spectators…

On landing, the show is also there: take a trip to Perroix in Talloires-Montmin and Doussard to see the last moments of the paragliders’ flight. Seeing them land gently will perhaps give you the motivation to make the big flight too!

What a pleasure to see the lake snaking under your feet, framed by infinite summits…

Paragliding providers
  • Décollage en parapente

    © Airmax Parapente / Décollage en parapente

  • Vol au-dessus du lac d'Annecy

    © Airmax Parapente / Vol au-dessus du lac d'Annecy

  • Parapentes au-dessus du lac d'Annecy

    © Airmax Parapente / Parapentes au-dessus du lac d'Annecy