Days along the water…

Follow the course of the water and discover the nooks and crannies of our territory in the heart of the Haute-Savoie. In spring, the waterfalls are gorged with the melting snow and offer a breathtaking spectacle... In summer, discover their freshness by escaping from the beaten track!

A day along the water

Lake Annecy

How can we talk about water without mentioning the lake? The inhabitants of Annecy, the capital of Haute-Savoie, and those of the surrounding communes drink water from the lake, one of the purest urban lakes in Europe.

But the lake is also a source of innumerable activities for both inhabitants and visitors… What are you waiting for?

Activities at Lake Annecy
Sortie en Stand up Paddle

© Gilles Piel / Sortie en Stand up Paddle

A day along the water

The Chéran

A wild and tumultuous river, the Chéran arrives from the heart of the Bauges to flow into the Fier at the level of the communes of Rumilly and Vallières.
Take advantage of your trip to visit the medieval village of Alby-sur-Chéran.

There are lakes in Lescheraines and Rumilly where you can swim. We especially recommend the “chaos of the Chéran” walk, which allows you to admire the river, the impressive Pont de l’Abîme and the Saint-Jacques Towers in the distance.

The track : "Le chaos du Chéran"
La rivière du Chéran en Pays d'Alby

© Gilles Piel / La rivière du Chéran en Pays d'Alby

A day along the water

The Thiou

From the lake to the Fier, the Thiou, one of the smallest rivers in France, flows through the old town and several districts of Annecy. It flows into the Fier at the Forges de Cran, a historic industrial site.

The artistic walk “La Virée”, takes a long section of this walk and makes you discover another facet of our city.

La Virée: artistic walk
Ecluses et pont sur le Thiou

© Monica Dalmasso / Ecluses et pont sur le Thiou

A day along the water

The Gorges du Fier

Vertiginous footbridge suspended in a canyon where the river is indomitable… The Fier, sometimes so wide and calm, is in these gorges powerful, fast and dangerous.

A natural site open from spring to autumn, to be visited to observe the power of nature.

The Gorges du Fier
Les passerelles vertigineuses des Gorges du Fier

© Gorges du Fier / S. Mesa

A day along the water

The ponds of Crosagny

A sensitive natural area of European interest. The Crosagny ponds are equipped with an ornithological observatory and an educational trail to discover the pond, the fauna, the flora and the history of the place.

A magnificent natural site to discover with the family, on foot or by mountain bike!

Crosagny Ponds
Les Etangs de Crosagny

© Monica Dalmasso / Les Etangs de Crosagny

A day along the water

Angon Waterfalls

Walk in the heart of the forest with a final stop at the largest of the Angon waterfalls. At 40m high, the most courageous can abseil down it and then follow the Nant d’Angon during a canyoning trip!

Easy family hike from Vérel or more difficult hike from the edge of the lake.

Angon Waterfalls
En route pour la cascade d'Angon

© Gilles Piel / En route pour la cascade d'Angon

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