Les Tours Saint-Jacques - Les chalets de la Figlia

Les Tours Saint-Jacques - Les chalets de la Figlia More photos
  • Les Tours Saint-Jacques - Les chalets de la Figlia

Hiking itinerary

  • Distance 9.1km
  • Change in altitude (uphill) 824m
  • Departure Allèves
  • Duration 05h30
  • Difficulty Hard
  • Maximum altitude 1288m

Opening period

All year round.

Subject to favorable snow and weather conditions.


The Tours Saint Jacques hike can be done by following different paths, but we have chosen the longest because it has a paved way and will make you see many different landscapes : the gorge of Banges, the village, a beech forest and as well as a glimpse of the local history.

To park, there are several parking lots : the cyclamen and the cemetery parking lots, the latter being the largest. This trail begins at the cyclamen parking lot.

This trail has one drawback : it is more difficult than the others, at least during its first part.

If you have young children, it would be better to follow the shortest route (look at the signs).

Bring a picnic and a walking stick (if you're used to), which will help you reach the towers.

About facilities : there are public lavatories behind the city hall.
Have a nice stroll and take your time, enjoying the rich and beautiful nature around you.


Free access.


  • Place des Cyclamens
  • 74540 Allèves

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