Belle demeure à Menthon-Saint-Bernard

© Françoise Cavazzana

The charming village of Menthon-Saint-Bernard is an unmissable stopover where it is good to stroll.

You will appreciate the pedestrian promenade of the port and the numerous sports activities: tennis, boat hire, sailing courses, supervised beach with paddling pool…  The medieval castle where Saint Bernard, founder of the hospices of Petit and Grand Saint Bernard, was born, dominates the village. This noble residence with its singular appearance never ceases to amaze, is an essential place to visit on the lake. It was a favourite place to stay for André Gide and Hippolyte Taine, and you can also discover the various hamlets with their preserved charms.

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  • Vue du lac depuis le Palace de Menthon

    © Gilles Piel

  • Le Château de Menthon-Saint-Bernard

    © Monica Dalmasso

  • Coucher de soleil depuis une jetée

    © Gilles Piel