Along the Fier

The Fier, the region’s most emblematic river, flows through Grand Annecy and into the Rhône.

To the north-west of Annecy, the Gorges du Fier and their surroundings can be visited in the peace and quiet of the countryside.

The Gorges du Fier

Since 1869, the gorges have been accessible to the public via a vertiginous 252m long footbridge, suspended 25m above the river.

The walk takes you inside a gigantic gorge overlooking the river and its tumultuous waters.

The Gorges du Fier
Les Gorges du Fier

© Gorges du Fier – Lansard

The Castle of Montrottier

The incarnation of the castle from the tales of your childhood, Montrottier invites you on a journey through time, fashion and culture.

The rooms present unique collections from all eras and cultures, while in the gardens, a fun and interactive scenographic tour takes you to meet the former occupants of the place…

Domain and Castle of Montrottier
Le Château de Montrottier

© Semaphore – P.Leroy / Le Château de Montrottier

The Jardins Secrets

For more than 40 years, the founders of the Jardins Secrets have been shaping their garden with passion, making it unique. Thousands of visitors come each season to discover this unusual and mixed garden. The owners share their passion and moments of conviviality with the visitors.
They like to welcome, exchange, treat, share, discuss, joke…

The Jardins Secrets
Les Jardins Secrets

© Myriam Moumen – Les jardins secrets